About Us

I SALUTE U is an incentive and corporate gift service provider encompassing Awards, Rewards and Recognition amongst management and peers.  The gift service extends to include gifts for the corporation’s external stakeholders, so clients and partners alike may also be appreciated for loyalty achievements.  I SALUTE U  showcases quality gifts to ensure products of the highest standard are presented. In particular the Extraordinaire Artists Collections showcases exquisite, unique and one-of-a-kind pieces of functional or decorative art from various Canadian artists that are “hand-picked” by the owner to provide you the best choice.  Extraordinary service comes with being a “Boutique” size company offering personal attention to each client’s needs and to the careful consideration of the gifts chosen to incent exceptional employees, clients and partners.

  • Extraordinary Service – Unique and quality gifts for Long Service and Health & Safety Awards
  • Extraordinary Employees – Retailer Gift Cards and Gift Certificates for Rewards
  • Extraordinary Celebrations – Corporate Gift Baskets for Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Employee, New Baby, Wedding, etc.
  • Extraordinary Choice – Concierge Service for those searching for something more specific
  • Extraordinary Reporting – Payroll consulting and reporting as required



I Salute U will present to your Human Resources and/or responsible persons the services and products available through I Salute U and provide an agreement for review, acceptance and signature by a signing officer of the corporation. Once the engagement has been confirmed, I Salute you will provide the corporation with their own company page on the I Salute U website together with appropriate passwords that are unique to each client.

I Salute U will provide each corporation (client) with their own corporate page on the I Salute U website, together with the passwords that are unique to their organization.

I Salute U will provide each corporation (client) with their own corporate page on the I Salute U website, where the employees will be able to login to view and choose their gifts.



“The companies that are paying attention to investing in people will be the ones who have a competitive, sustainable advantage in the next 25 years. Today’s employees are looking to work for companies where they feel that they are valued within the organisation.”

– Jennifer Kallery, Maritz Loyalty and Motivation